Captain PiPi "Spydr Monky" Spinaltap

Scourge of Eye's, Terror of the Two Eyes, and Crusher of Mens Dreams


Born into slavery and taken by a cruel ship captain as a creature to torture, the Kobold named PiPi quickly grew and developed into a sadistic little creature that unlike many of his race learned to focus all of his hatred and anger into his rage which is set loose on the captain of his first ship, gaining his nickname for going after the Half-Orc captain like a Spider Monkey. Since that day PiPi has tattooed the spelling he thought the name was in Draconic and has set out to become the greatest Pirate in all of the world.

His crew is usually pretty easy to spot by the fact they are almost all missing one eye, normally from questioning their captains orders and he deems fit to skull fuck them as a just punishment, taking their eye in the process. Only one notable member of the crew of all of his ships has maintained both eyes over their years of traveling together and she has quickly became his voice of reason and only real friend, which he felt only right to promote her to 1st Mate.

Captain PiPi "Spydr Monky" Spinaltap

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