Gullar Jotaro

Headmaster of Nunvul's mage collage


“Sometimes it’s not about the fame, or glory, or the riches. If you do something you love and have fun doing, most often you find that to be enough to last you for several lifetimes. I lived my younger days seeking adventures and parties, and most the time would seek out as much trouble as humanly possible. My best friends and I would more often than not be successful in finding it. The most important thing I have learned in life is always love what you do.”


Gullar Jotaro is the headmaster of Nunvul’s mage collage and is one of the oldest and smartest minds in arcane knowledge. He’s a short brown haired man whose appearance is much younger than he really is. He looks no older than mid 40’s, yet he has been headmaster of the collage for just over 60 years. Gullar’s race is high elf though his features point to more human. This is because when he was younger the kingdom he grew up in had very little tolerance to elves so he underwent questionable surgeries to change, having the tips of his ears removed and rounded and his more elven features altered. This made him look human to all except the most observant.

Gullar was once an adventure and has traveled all over the world. He specializes in conjurations and illusions mostly but has also trained in transmutation and some necromancy. He became headmaster of the school when the old one became too ill to lead the collage. He was handpicked and asked by the old headmaster to come back to the collage and take over in his place. In fact, he was asked at least 20 times before finally giving in and saying yes.

Gullar Jotaro

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