Kalena Fang-Kross

Shifter Rogue Swashbuckler


Kalena was born of a normal mother whose race she does not remember, and a were-bear father of whom she also remembers little about. She was kidnapped as a very young child and then dumped at the docks in the northern kingdom. A kind ship captain found her as a wondering child and took her in. He raised her as if she was his own daughter. The seas are the only thing she has ever truly known. As she grew older the crew became her family and taught her everything she knows. She always knew that the man who took her in was not her true blood father because of her heritage.

The ship she grew up on was a mercenary ship, a crew for higher and available to whoever would pay the captain’s fees. Mostly they were smuggling jobs or trade jobs to other nations. Although the crew was kind, she always felt like the odd one out. Her life was plagued with dreams, or maybe even memories; of a life running through the forests with large groups of lycans. She would be running with wolves, training to fight with tigers, and bears, forage with boars, and scout with ravens. There where hunts, fests, and the feeling of close family. Unknowing to her if these dreams were what life was like before being taken, or what it should be like as an adult. She wonders everyday if she will ever find her true place.

Years later the kind captain who took her in died fighting off pirates. The pirates lost, but so did their crew with the death of its captain. The next captain was her adoptive father’s first mate. He was not a cruel man, but not as kind either. A lot of the crew left some stayed and new ones came aboard. One of the new crew members was a young Trident named Malcom and a Drow named Voron, along with his boar companion Cornar. Later the Minotaur Gore, Kithren the wood elf, and Viper the Yuanti all joined the crew. None of them she really cared for. Kalena, Vorn and Malcom all became quick friends. Vorn impressed her with his kindness and how he looked to everyone as equality. It was Malcom though that impressed her heart. He was quick witted and smart, gentle yet fierce. He never said anything that wasn’t needed to be heard. Her and Malcom married a year after meeting and has been a strong couple for 3 years.

Almost a year ago they lost their captain and first mate to assassins. Vorn being second mate temporally took over the job, at least until the new captain arrives. Unknown as to who it will be, all they know is that the kings have paid for the ship, and allowed the crew to stay with it as well to help whoever comes sail the seas. So much is uncertain right now.

Kalena Fang-Kross

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