Kithren 'Kit' Herron (lost at sea)

Wood Elf look out, Elf in the nests


“Hey Fishman! there’s a really big shark down in the water! you should go punch it in the face and make it go away!” – Kithren to Malcom (the shark was a giant shark that was attacking some fishermen’s nets )


Kithren was born and raised in the central kingdom. Her parents where both a part of the town’s merchant guild and ran Herron’s Wooden works; a shop that sold wooden trinkets, weapons and even armor. It was a quiet little town, and that is why she left. Kithren wanted excitement and adventure. So she left, first to the southern kingdom. She has been all over the Nation and seen all the kingdoms. Few years ago she took a job as lookout on a ship that did trade to other nations. she has been on that ship ever since and loves seeing the world.

She is secretly in love with the drow Vorn but will never tell him this. And believes he has no idea after all men are clueless.

Kithren 'Kit' Herron (lost at sea)

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