Malcom "Fishman" Kross

Trident monk


“You want me to punch a shark?…in the face? Let me ask you this. Are you on drunk? because that’s a big shark, to him I’m snack sized. So no I’m not even getting in the water with that thing.” – Malcom to the wood elf Kithren after seeing a giant shark


As a trident, Malcom grew up in the sea. In his younger years he learned the art of unarmed combat because swords and metal rusts in the salt water. The only weapon he has is a spear, which is made of bone and hardened shell, a technique he learned from his people in Eslukar. He left home upon reaching adulthood and has been traveling the world both by ship and swimming.

His current life is among a ship formally known as the Welt Gambit, but no one knows if that name will stay once the new captain arrives. He came to this ship a little over 4 years ago. He meet his wife on this ship, and his best friend Vorn; a Drow ranger. When not on the ship he is usually in the water making sure everything is in top shape and nothing is coming to attack from below. He is also an excellent scout.

Malcom once captained his own ship and ran his own crew. They did trading between the nations. But to him being captain was boring, so he promoted his first mate and stepped down from being captain to what he does now; underwater lookout. He got the nickname “Fishman” because of his race and because he; on land is like a fish out of water, a phrase that is as literal as it is to a shot of how clumsy he feels on land.

Malcom "Fishman" Kross

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