Priya 'Rum lover' Davenport

first mate to Captain Pipi



Priya Davenport was born into a family that ran the largest tavern in the Southern Kingdom. For all her life, all she was is a measly tavern girl that pirates paid serviced for, if you know what I mean. All she’s ever dreamed of ever since she was a little girl was becoming a pirate, just like the pirates who came and gone in her parents tavern. When she was a wee lad, she would always ask them about their tales on the high seas, which sparked her want more and more each time a crew came and told their tale. Finally, she threw her apron down, told her parents that she was going to achieve her dream, then left to the ports. When she got the port, she discovered the Kolbolds ship. With fascination, she sneaked onto the ship then pretended to be one of his mates. The Kolbold, however, knew she wasn’t apart of his crew, but let her stay… and keep both her eyes. As years went by, she started to walk, talk, and fight like a pirate, thanks to the Kolbold. He promoted her to his first mate because he was pleased with how she treated him and how she progressed. From that day on, the Kolbold and the Eladrin set sail on the high seas and discovered new lands together. Until they met new creatures…

Priya 'Rum lover' Davenport

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