Sariel Windreaver

Foreigner from a far away land...


Sariel is an enigma. A short Half-elf whose skin is white as snow (literally white), with black tattoos running across her body and face. Hair dark red, and silver eyes. Wherever she goes her appearance is the topic of conversation, and rumors of her arrival spread far and wide. She has taken to wearing a full headdress and completely covering herself to avoid notoriety.

She caries a dagger in her boot, and a short sword on her back in a unique scabbard that has the hilt hanging down. Only she knows the secret of releasing the sword. This arrangement allows the sword to remain all but hidden when she is wearing her backpack.

Don’t bother asking her about her past.

DEX 14
CON 13
INT 16
WIS 13
CHA 12


Sariel has been traveling with pirates for the last year, moving from ship to ship, slowly working her way as far as possible from her homeland…

Sariel Windreaver

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