Golden Child

It's only the beginning

The word has spread throughout the kingdoms that the kings are looking for a group or groups of people to help aid the nation. They warn that this is a very dangerous task and many may not survive the journey. Despite this knowledge a few brave souls have answered the call. Be it for the glory, the prize, the honor it will bring them or whatever reason. They have begun their trek from their home kingdoms to the northern kingdom of Heliorn, as instructed they are all to speak with the Seer Yinlara and Padarts Academy of Magic.

The first part of the adventure has begun…

Will they succeed in their goal?

How many will survive the journey and hardships that they will have to endure?

South on the high seas!

A group of heroes has at last stepped forward and accepted the dangerous quest for the kings of Derashin. The nature of the group was quit the surprise even to Padart Academy’s seer Yinlara, not even she could foresee how mix matched they would be. The first to arrive was an extremely hyperactive gnome cleric, followed closely by an eldarin elf mage and a vulgar and highly inappropriate kobold sorcerer. Next came in yet another gnome, this one quiet and mellow, and a woman who for some reason covered herself completely and said nothing.

The Seer informed the group of the mission to find a young child; whose skin was color of gold. She gave them four possible locations of the child, but as to where she will truly be even she could not foresee. Her first suggestion was to sail south to the island empire of Nunvul. There they should travel to the Collage of arcane and speak with the headmaster Gullar. He might have some better insight and hopefully be able to help. Should they succeed in the mission they are to bring the child back to Derashin to meet the kings. At this, the heroes meet their final companion.

His official name is Test Subject 0681007, but like the other Test Subjects has given himself his own name. Poe, as he prefers to be called is a one of the mage academies experimental test subjects. By the use of a melding spell they took an ordinary panda bear and made it something better by combining it with a goliath named Johnson; who ironically was the one who cast the spell. Meaning to evolve the panda to a humanoid form, Johnson somehow as the arch mage said “really fucked up” but he did so in a way that was really a benefit. Poe was enough of a success to be deemed reliable to venture out and try to fit into the outside world and traveling with this group would be his final test. He is not alone though, somehow in the proses of melding with the panda Johnson managed to keep some of his own personality and mind. Though he was reduced to become like another personality of Poe, they are two people combined into one body.

So, the mix matched group set off, the kobold named Pipi taking over being the new ship captain. They sailed several months’ south encountering storms, and pirates; whom they happily partied and drank rum with for the better part of 3 hours. Their journey south took just over 5 months but at last they arrived and docked in Nunvul. From here they will travel to the mage collage and speak with Gullar.

Hopefully he will have more information and a better understanding of who they need to find…


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