The five kings have gathered; an event that has happened only twice sense the division of the nation. In the past Derashin was once one nation, but war broke out over territory and eventually a treaty was signed and the country was divided into the 5 kingdoms it is today. Peace amongst the kingdoms keeps them from going to war again. All the kings respect each other and everyone benefits from the trade between them and other countries. Today they all gather with a common goal, to save their dying lands. The past 15 years have seen very little rains and some of the worst droughts in history. Crucial resources have died or are dying. Resources have become very scares and the population of the country continues to grow.

Trade with outside countries has slowed due to the lack of goods to trade. Tempers are high, patience are low. The combination is almost too perfect to spark war amongst kingdoms that have been at peace for so long. Worse yet is the threat of annihilation from other countries, after all if one was to strike to take over what better time than to do it when things are already bleak. Among the kings are the arch mages of Padart Academy. The high priest Dominick comes with word and rumor that brings a flicker of hope to the kings. He tells of a child, a child of great power in both arcane and divine. If such a child really does exist they can help restore the nation. Further news from the Arch Mage Kindara tells that the child Dominick speaks of has been prophesied by Yinlara, the academy’s seer, to have finally appeared in our plane.

Yinlara’s visions show a child of gold, Wrapped in cloths of silver and jade. The child rests in a temple waiting the day they are set free of their binds. The arch mages have already begun to research to attempt to find the child’s possible location. They have also begun to seek volunteers to go on this journey to find the child and bring them back to Derashin.

Upon the kings return to their kingdoms a message is sent across the kingdoms from each king looking for volunteers to help save their land. As payment, each who adventure on and survive this journey will receive lordship and their own lands in the new kingdom as well as a keep of their own. The time to act is now. Should no one be willing to help the kingdoms will die and Derashin will be no longer.

Who will step forth to save the nation before it’s too late to be saved…

Golden Child

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