Viper "VD" Talash

Yuan-ti pureblood, Cook


“Don’t ask me, I know nothing. I just cook.”


Viper was originally brought onto the ship as a joke. The captain had ‘won’ him in a game of cards. Before that he was a slave to a very cruel man. At first he was left alone in the ships lowest deck where storage and supplies are kept. The captain then let him into the galley where it was better suited for someone who is coldblooded. It was then that Viper found out that the ship had no real cook and took it upon himself to fulfill this duty. His talent to make something delicious out of even the most disgusting looking ingredients proved to be a success because they let him continue doing it. Even though he has proven to be an excellent cook and does so each day without complaint or asking of anything. The others on crew still consider him useless, and remind him almost daily by calling him UT or Useless Turd.

Viper has no skills other than cooking that they think useful, he can’t fight, he can’t swim, and he barely talks. He simply wonders the kitchens keeping it clean, preparing foods and snacks, and on the rare occasions sweets such as pies, cakes, and cookies. No one knows much about him other than he cooks.

Viper "VD" Talash

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